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Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or someone aspiring to take to the skies, understanding the intricacies of FAA medical certification is essential. This page aims to provide you with helpful information, from the types of medical certificates to the examination process and frequently asked questions.

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About Dave Rogers M.D, MPH FAA SR AME, HIMS

Dr. Dave Rogers, a proud Colorado native, boasts an impressive educational background, having graduated from Greeley Central High School, the University of Northern Colorado, and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences School of Medicine (Bethesda, MD). His commitment to excellence is underscored by additional board certifications in Aerospace Medicine and Occupational Medicine.


After dedicating 24 years to serving in the U.S. Air Force, Dr. Dave returned to his roots, settling in Colorado Springs with his family. Beyond his primary medical practice, Dr. Rogers offers specialized services including FAA exams, ensuring the health and safety of pilots, as well as being a certified dive instructor. His passions for scuba diving and flying have not only shaped his professional pursuits but also reflect his lifelong dedication to adventure and exploration.

Types of FAA Medical Certificates:

  1. First-Class Medical Certificate: Required for pilots exercising Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) privileges.
  2. Second-Class Medical Certificate: Required for pilots exercising Commercial Pilot privileges
  3. Third-Class Medical Certificate: Required for pilots exercising Private Pilot privileges and acting as Student Pilots.

Key Elements of an FAA Exam:

  1. Medical History Review: During the examination, the AME will review your medical history, including any past illnesses, surgeries, or medications.
  2. Physical Examination: Expect a thorough physical examination, including checks of your vision, urine, hearing, blood pressure, heart rate, and overall health.
  3. Medical Certificate Issuance: If you meet all the FAA medical standards, the AME will issue your medical certificate. Otherwise, further evaluations or documentation may be required.

Standard Pricing: Our standard pricing for FAA medical exams is $145.


Cash Discount: For those paying in cash, we offer a discounted rate of $140.


**If you are active duty or within a year of retiring, military service you will be qualified for a $10 discount on your exam. 

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  • First-Class: Every 6 months (for pilots aged 40 and older), or annually (age 39 and younger)
  • Second-Class: Every 12 months
  • Third-Class: Every 60 months (Under age 39), or every 24 months (age 40 and older)
  • Certain heart conditions
  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes requiring insulin
  • Severe mental health disorders
  • Substance dependence

Yes, you have the right to appeal a denial of your medical certificate. You can request a review by the FAA or seek further evaluation from designated specialists.

Yes, under certain conditions. The BasicMed program allows certain pilots to fly without an FAA medical certificate if they meet specific requirements, including having a valid driver’s license, completing a medical education course, and meeting medical standards.

DOT Physicals

What is a DOT Physical? A DOT physical is a medical examination required by the Department of Transportation for individuals holding commercial driver’s licenses (CDL) to ensure they meet specific health and safety standards. This examination is designed to assess a driver’s physical and mental fitness to safely operate commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) on the nation’s roads and highways.

Key Aspects of DOT Physicals:

  • Medical History Review: The medical examiner will review the driver’s medical history, including any past illnesses, surgeries, or medications.
  • Physical Examination: The examination includes checks of vital signs, vision, hearing, cardiovascular health, respiratory health, neurological function, and overall physical fitness.
  • Urinalysis: A urinalysis may be conducted to screen for certain medical conditions or substance use.
  • Medical Certificate Issuance: If the driver meets all DOT medical standards, the medical examiner will issue a Medical Examiner’s Certificate (MEC), also known as a DOT medical card, valid for a specified period.

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